Rather than have a selection of different packages and prices I like to keep things simple.

I will film your Wedding Day from pre Bridal preparations through until approximately 60 minutes after the First Dance.

This will allow me to capture the whole day from begging to end, which I then edit and present to you on a personalised High Definition DVD for a fixed fee.

£1,000 For one cameraman operating multiple cameras ( three instalments ).

£1.500 For two cameramen operating multiple cameras ( three instalments ).

A charge of £50 per hour per cameraman is chargeable should you require me to stay on longer than stated. One copy of the DVD film is presented with extra copy's charged at £25 each.

Transfer your old video tapes onto DVD!

Do you have old video tapes sat around in a box that you can't watch anymore, if so why don't you have them transferred onto DVD?

Wedding's, Birthday's, Holiday's or family fun times of day's gone by. Relatives and friends that have since passed away or just treasured memories you'd like to share with loved ones that maybe weren't around at the time.

Your old VHS, VHS-S, VHS-C, Hi8, Mini DV, HHD onto DVD for a fixed fee of £10 per hour of footage.